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Why Apple will build a TV in 2010

Those who know me well have heard me rant about this before, but I’m going to make it official now.

I think 2010 is the year Apple will launch a TV, not another version of the boring Apple TV box to put under my TV, but an actual, sexy as hell, aluminium cased, thin-as-a-macbook-air, 47″-50″ TV with the iTunes store fully integrated.

I mean think about it. If you were a company who sat on top of…

1. The iTunes store full of TV content.
2. The Apple TV hardware and software.
3. A large screen monitor manufacturing line

…and your corporate strategy was to compete with superior vertical integration between hardware, software and content, (UPDATE! See discussion in the comments section below on why I think this is so valuable) price dumping the non-differentiable content and charging high margin on the differentiated hardware, it would seem almost unavoidable to put 1 inside 2 and then 2 inside 3, slap on a slick, touch based (think magic mouse) remote and voilà, you have a spanking new vertically integrated and very high priced piece of hardware to sell.

So to me the interesting question isn’t why they would build it, but why they wouldn’t.

The missing link is of course a DVB software, Elgato (with their EyeTV) would be a good acquisition target IMHO.

C’mon Steve, you own my cell phone and desktop, now go for the living room, I want my Apple TV on the wall!


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