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Leaving Yahoo! Inc. to head up Spotify Mobile

I came to Yahoo! Inc in 2006 through the acquisition of Mobile social software company Kenet Works AB of which I was CEO and co-founder (learn more about me). After two years as Director of Product Management and later Director of Business Development, I’ve decided to leave Yahoo! Inc in order to join music startup Spotify.

Like many others , my first time using Spotify gave me that very rare ”Wooha!, wait a minute!”-feeling.

I got that same feeling using Skype for the first time a few years back. It wasn’t the VoIP technology, I’d used loads of other VoIP apps before, it was the implementation of the service. The fact that it just worked! I didn’t have to care about firewalls, NATs, VoIP servers or user SIP domains (because they didn’t use SIP). And the core proposition of the service, voice, had awesome quality! Even more importantly, because of this, my friends, and even my parents, got it to work!

Though the technology had been around for ages, it was the first time I, and most people around me started to seriously think of telephony over the Internet as an alternative to using the POTS.

I get that same exact reaction from my friends (and parents) today when they use Spotify for the first time. It just works, the technology is awesome, but invisible, and the content is there. It is the first time they realize and seriously consider that there may be no point in physically getting, owning and storing every song in the world on your own harddrive, you can just have access to all of them! The only thing you need to own and keep are your favourite song lists, and in a world where you are always connected, that’s actually a lot more portable and easy to manage across computers and devices. For most people, who never heard of “cloud services”, this is a pretty mind blowing realization!

So back in December, when I got the chance to join this great team of serial entrepreneurs, and work with some of Europe’s top engineering talent, around a topic such as music, that engages just about everyone from all walks of life, I just had to take it!

Starting in February, I will head up something that a lot of users have already requested and discussed extensively, Spotify on the Mobile. We obviously can’t tell you our plans yet, but make sure you subscribe to this blog to be the first to know!

I want to take the chance to say a big Thanks to all of the great colleagues and friends at Yahoo!, from Madrid (you know who you are!) to Germany, London and Sunnyvale. It’s been a lot of fun working with all of you and I’m very excited to see what the recent changes at the big Y! will bring!

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01 2009

Quick check – should you follow this blog?

First of all, Welcome!

On this blog, I will cover stuff that I’m passionate about, namely, the Internet, Telecom, Social Networks, product philosophy and how I try to model the world to make some sense of it.

I like to build theories and models around stuff and then vet them with people I know. Some models fly and are useful for decision making, and some don’t. I’m hoping this blog can expand that vetting circle to include you!

If you’re convinced, you can  subscribe to this blog or you can  learn more about me .

UPDATE! And ofcourse, news about Spotify mobile as I now work at Spotify!  :-)



01 2009